Primitiv’s cannabis products are the very best. Premium quality is what you’ll find within. Time to elevate.

In case you missed it, Primitiv’s flagship dispensary is now open! Located at 1286 South Street in Niles, Michigan (49120), we are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 8pm for both walk-in customers as well as curbside pickup. 

This month we are proudly featuring our Runtz strain, which has quickly become a fan favorite. This burgundy hybrid offers a unique and complex profile, reminiscent of a Farmer’s Market fresh fruit salad with notes of grape, strawberry, cherry, and citrus, with a slight sugar cane sweetness and an average potency in the middle-to-upper 20% range.

“Our Runtz has a unique, cereal-like aroma that I just love. It’s also a really nice strain to socialize with, but at the same time, also primes me for a restful night’s sleep.”
– Calvin Johnson Jr.

“I love our Runtz because the plant is so unique. Stepping into our grow rooms and watching the cultivar transform from a brilliant green to a deep purple is always a magical experience for me.”
– Rob Sims