Premium Goods

From our premium jarred flower to our individual pre-rolls and everything in between, every Primitiv product is guaranteed to contain nothing but thehighest quality cannabis available on the market.

All of our products start with flower grown exclusively in our state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Webberville, Michigan. Hand-trimmed and tested at certified state laboratories, our regimented cultivation and harvest processes and strict quality standards ensure that all of the products we sell provide an unrivaled cannabis experience.


Providing an energizing, uplifting high, our Sativa strains are the perfect pair when you’re active and engaged.


The best of both worlds, our Hybrid strains provide a classic high that relaxes your body and amplifies your mind.


Our Indica strains provide a calm, relaxing high. Perfect for those days when you need to chill and reset.

Primitiv Cannabis | Premium Cannabis Products Detroit

Finest Flower

As stewards of the cannabis culture, we are passionate about respecting and preserving the power of this incredible plant.

With this philosophy in mind, we never use any pesticides or harmful chemicals in the cultivation of our plants. We believe in combining the natural genius of Mother Nature with the most cutting-edge cultivation techniques available to produce cannabis of the best possible quality.

With Care

The Primitiv cultivation process strategically blends many different methods together to create the perfect plant through the tactical manipulation of our systems. Our techniques parallel the most modern horticultural techniques available.

One of the most important aspect of our process is the vast collective experience of our team. The Primitiv cultivation team has close to 45 years of cannabis experience ranging from industrial scale operations to the craft market and everywhere in-between.

Primitiv Cannabis | Premium Cannabis Products Detroit
Primitiv Cannabis | Premium Cannabis Products Detroit

Grow Facility

Our 12,000 square foot grow facility has over 3,600 square feet of canopy space with the ability to cultivate more than 2,000 plants at any given time. This state-of-the-art facility, one of the most sophisticated in Michigan, utilizes specifically engineered systems to precisely control every stage of the cultivation process.

This type of engineered control coupled with our teams’ vast amount of technical experience is how we are able to produce Primitiv’s ultra-premium, high quality Cannabis.

Our Movement Is
Just Beginning

There’s a whole lot more to come from Primitiv. We’re currently working to expand our product lines, and we’ll soon be offering a range of natural edibles, premium live resins, and a full suite of soothing CBD products.

Likewise, our retail stores are taking shape and will soon be open in locations all across the state of Michigan.


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Primitiv Cannabis | Premium Cannabis Products Detroit